Registration & Presentations Web Platform

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We will be expanding/adding on to the capabilities of our Online Registration System this year. Not only will the system be used for registering attendees, handling payments and printing name badges as it has done in past years, but it will now also give access to these additional very useful tools:

Every attendee registered for our event will be given access to this platform and all of its features. This means both those who will be attending the Show in-person and those who will ONLY be attending virtually using only our digital tools to participate in the event.

This platform is primarily designed to best viewed on a full-size computer screen (PC or MAC) via a web browser. It CAN also be viewed on a mobile device (i.e., phone or tablet) using a web browser, but is NOT optimized for viewing and usage on that size of screen.

The Web Platform will be useful not only during the event days, but also before AND after the event to help prepare for each delegate's experience, plus for example to view any video content that was posted, plus any documents, etc. made available to that delegate via their "briefcase".

IMPORTANT NOTE: All registrations will need to be done for EACH individual this year- this includes the payment process. This gives every attendee their own e-mail address and password which will allow them to not only to adjust their Registration at any time, but also will give them access to their own personalized versions of their schedule, on-demand video choices and list of exhibitors that they have flagged.

If you have any questions or require support for the Registration & Presentations Web Platform, you can contact us at: