Digital Show Guide & Event App

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A brand-new piece of technology to be added to this year's event is our Digital Show Guide & Event App. In past years, we have always had a printed version of our Show Guide, which was the central document we handed out to everyone that contained all of the details of our event and was a useful tool both during and after the event. However, being printed, small portions of it were often out of date due to last minute changes that can happen at virtually every event. A big advantage of going digital is that it can be constantly updated in terms of its content right though the event dates.

We have replaced the printed version this year with our Digital Show Guide & Event App, which is designed to run on mobile devices (both Android and iOS based). The app is fully featured and provides more resources and tools than its historical counterpart. The other added bonus of this technology is that it can be used by both those people attending in-person AND by those attending ONLY virtually. Along with the Web Platform and the B2B Meetings Platform, it creates a powerful trio of tools to help attendees communicate and collaborate.

In order to use the app, each attendee will need to download and install it from the Google Play Store (for Android phones & tablets) or the Apple App Store (for iPhones & iPads).

We will make links available to both versions of the app as soon as they are live on those platforms. We anticipate that will be approximately the second week of September. Once installed, the app will have a login screen, which will use the exact same password as what each attendee creates for their access to the Registration & Presentations Web Platform.

The main features of the Digital Show Guide & Event App are:

If you have any questions or require support for the Digital Show Guide & Event App, you can visit this link which will be updated as we get closer to the event dates: