B2B Meetings Platform

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B2B Meetings Platform is now live for networking and setting up meetings
All scheduled meetings will take place on October 6 & 7

DEFSEC Atlantic will be facilitating B2B/B2G meetings using an all-in-one web platform combining matchmaking, scheduling, and browser-integrated video conferencing (for virtual meetings) in one site.  As well, the platform will facilitate in-person meetings at our event.

Besides being able to video conference online through the site, we will also have five large rooms inside the Halifax Convention Centre dedicated to B2B/B2G meetings known as the "ACADA B2B Zone". Inside them are 19 dedicated 10' x 10' divided spaces which will be setup for both in-person and hybrid meetings on Wednesday, October 6 and Thursday, October 7.

The site we are using is called B2B2GO and we are strictly using the B2B capabilities of this platform for this year. All registered DEFSEC Atlantic attendees will receive a personal e-mail invite to create their own individual profile in the B2B system. Those who register from today forward should receive their e-mail invite within 1 business day of the date they register. In order to use and access the B2B platform, you MUST be a registered attendee for DEFSEC Atlantic, either in-person or virtual. We will be doing daily syncs between our registration platform and the B2B system each weekday between now and our event.

If you have any questions or require support for the B2B Meetings Platform, you can visit this link: