Sponsorship Opportunities

Last Revised January 7, 2022

We are still in the midst of sponsorship renewals through right of first refusal from 2021. Early committment for 2022 by several sponsors is already taking place and we anticipate continued strong renewals in the coming weeks.

We will open up sponsorship opportunities for general sale early in the new year, so if you are interested in one or more of these sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Executive Director, Colin Stephenson by e-mail at colin@defsecatlantic.ca or by phone at +1 (902) 223-2099.

Below is the list of all available sponsorships:

Event Sponsorships

  • Presenting Partnership   SOLD!
  • Tuesday Opening Reception   AVAILABLE
  • Wednesday Coffee Service   AVAILABLE
  • Wednesday Sponsored Lunch   AVAILABLE
  • Wednesday Hour of Good Cheer Reception   SOLD!
  • Thursday Coffee Service   AVAILABLE
  • Thursday Sponsored Luncheon   AVAILABLE

Venue Sponsorships

  • B2B Zone   SOLD!
  • Business Centre   AVAILABLE
  • Exhibition Hall "A"   SOLD!
  • Exhibition Hall "B"   SOLD!
  • Presentation Pavilion   SOLD!
  • Registration Desk   SOLD!
  • Social Media Centre   AVAILABLE

Property Sponsorships

  • Attendee Bag   SOLD!
  • Lanyards   SOLD!
  • Mobile Event App   AVAILABLE
  • Name Badges   AVAILABLE
  • Personal Protective Equipment   AVAILABLE
  • Registration & Presentations Web Platform   AVAILABLE
  • Signage   AVAILABLE
  • Staff Clothing   SOLD!
  • Water Bottles   AVAILABLE
  • Wireless Internet   AVAILABLE