Sponsorship Opportunities

Last Revised July 15, 2021

If you are interested in one or more of these sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Executive Director, Colin Stephenson by e-mail at colin@defsecatlantic.ca or by phone at +1 (902) 223-2099. Below is the list of all available sponsorships:

Event Sponsorships

  • Tuesday Opening Reception   SOLD!
  • Wednesday Coffee Service   SOLD!
  • Wednesday Exhibition Luncheon   AVAILABLE
  • Wednesday Hour of Good Cheer Reception   SOLD!
  • Thursday Coffee Service   SOLD!
  • Thursday Exhibition Luncheon   AVAILABLE

Venue Sponsorships

  • Exhibition Hall "A"   SOLD!
  • Exhibition Hall "B"   SOLD!
  • Exhibition Hall "C"   SOLD!
  • Registration Desks   SOLD!

Property Sponsorships

  • Attendee Bag   AVAILABLE
  • Digital Show Guide   SOLD!
  • Personal Protective Equipment   SOLD!
  • Lanyards   SOLD!
  • Name Badges   SOLD!
  • Official Pen   AVAILABLE
  • Registration & Presentations Web Platform   AVAILABLE
  • Signage   AVAILABLE
  • Staff Clothing   SOLD!
  • Water Bottles   SOLD!
  • Wireless Internet   AVAILABLE