Floorplan & Listing

Exhibition Floorplan

Last Revised January 14, 2022

The layout below shows the general floorplans of the Convention and Argyle Levels of the Halifax Convention Centre. As more booths and details are confirmed closer to the show, the floorplans will be updated to show the newest changes. Please note this listing is subject to change - COVID-19 restrictions can possibly lead to changes in the floorplans, entrances and overall capacity of the event.

We are just starting exhibitor renewals through right of first refusal from 2021. Early committment for 2022 by several exhibitors is already starting to take place and we anticipate continued strong renewals in the coming weeks. With our move to a new level of the same venue, we do expect renewals may take a little longer due to the need to select a new location on the floor as compared to last year.

We will open up exhibition opportunities for general sale early in the new year, so if you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, you should contact our Executive Director, Colin Stephenson at (902) 223-2099 or colin@defsecatlantic.ca. Find out why you should become an exhibitor by clicking here.

Download a High-Res PDF of the
Convention Level Floorplan 

Download a High-Res PDF of the
Argyle Level Floorplan 

Exhibitor Listing

Last Revised January 14, 2022

As more booths are confirmed closer to the show, we will update the listing to show the newest exhibitors. Each listing is hyperlinked to the official web site for that company/organization. Please note this listing is subject to change.

"PAL Aerospace" Exhibition Hall
Exhibitor Name Booth #
PAL Aerospace P101
Confirmed Renewing Exhibitors for 2022 & Not Yet Placed
Exhibitor Name Booth #
Babcock Canada TBD
Bronswerk Marine TBD
Creaform TBD
Curtiss-Wright TBD
Genoa Design TBD
Glamox Canada TBD
IMP Aerospace & Defence TBD
J-Squared Technologies TBD
JSK Naval Support TBD
Kraken Robotics TBD
Source Atlantic / Mobile Valve TBD
Trecan Combustion TBD
Tronosjet Manufacturing TBD
Ultra Maritime TBD
University of New Brunswick TBD