Attending as a Military Member

If you are attending DEFSEC Atlantic as an ACTIVELY SERVING member of the Canadian Forces or another foreign military, then you will be registered under this category. Please take special note that civilians working for the Department of National Defence should register as a Government Employee, NOT as a Military Member. Each individual in this category, regardless of whether multiple employees of that department will be attending, will need to register themselves using our online system.

You should be ready to present ID upon request when checking in at the Registration Desk. We should make it clear that this pass is ONLY for those who are actively-serving members of their respective military, whether it be Regular Force or Reserve Force.

It is important to note that retired members are NOT eligible to attend under this pass. Neither the NDI75, nor the CFOne card will be considered acceptable identification to attend DEFSEC Atlantic under this pass. The only acceptable passes are the NDI10 (Temporary ID Card), the NDI20 (Canadian Forces ID Card) or the NDI30 (Allied Force ID Card).

Full Pass

Once registered as a Military Member, the non-transferable bearer gains admission for one, at no cost, to the following:

  • Access to the Exhibition Hall and Seminar Series on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Access to the Exhibition Luncheon at the Cunard Centre on Wednesday
  • Access to the Exhibition Luncheon at the Cunard Centre on Thursday
  • Access to the Hour of Good Cheer Reception at the Cunard Centre dockside on Wednesday afternoon

It is important to note that a Military Member Pass does NOT include access to the Opening Reception in the Cunard Centre Exhibition Hall on Tuesday evening, UNLESS that person has been specifically invited by the event sponsor or as an Invited VIP by DEFSEC Atlantic organizers.