Academic Day of Connection Participants

DEFSEC Atlantic strives to address the concerns and challenges of our attendees, especially those of our core constituents, the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of Atlantic Canada. To create awareness and connection between our exhibitors and the talent being developed in the region, we started the Academic Day of Connection in 2017.

The Day introduces graduating students from relevant disciplines in our post-secondary institutions to our attendees in the trade show setting. Exposing faculty and staff to the opportunities within our industry and region helps retain youth and talent, addressing a universal challenge in today's workplace.

The Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defence Association (ACADA) has, as one it its key mandates, a keen interest and responsibility to support workforce development. The content, delivery and promotion of the Day of Connection will be their focus on Thursday, October 5.

There are three categories of attendees that will register and participate in the Academic Day of Connection:

Once registered under one of the participating attendee categories, the non-transferable bearer gains admission for one, at no cost, to the following:


Students that will able to attend are graduating from relevant programs identified at a participating post-secondary institution. There will be a limited number permitted to register from each institution.

Specific instructions on how to register will be sent to the corresponding faculty for those programs so that they can share it with their students who will be attending DEFSEC Atlantic.


Faculty identified from relevant programs at a participating post-secondary institution will be able to accompany their students who are attending the Academic Day of Connection at DEFSEC Atlantic.

Representatives from ACADA and DEFSEC Atlantic will work with these faculty members leading up to the event week to communicate the details of the Day to their students.

HR Professional

Human Resources Professionals from companies exhibiting at DEFSEC Atlantic who choose to participate will be able to attend the Show on Thursday at no cost.

Information on how to become one of the industry members the Students and Faculty meet with and visit in the afternoon will be sent to exhibiting companies by representatives from ACADA and DEFSEC Atlantic.

If you have any questions in the meantime, you can send an e-mail to