NSIAS Association

The Nova Scotia International Air Show Association (NSIASA) was formed as a Nova Scotian not-for-profit society in 1996. It originally evolved as the civilian equivalent to the military organizing team that managed the Shearwater International Air Show from 1981 to 1995.

Our Vision

Growing aerospace awareness in Atlantic Canada.

Our Mission

The Nova Scotia International Air Show Association will present and foster the growth of Air Shows in Atlantic Canada. In support of aviation, aerospace and defence and in showcasing the Canadian Forces, NSIASA will provide economic value and top-level entertainment for the fans and communities.

Objectives & Activities

Through its core activities, the Nova Scotia International Air Show Association will maintain the premiere annual air show event in the region - The Atlantic Canada International Air Show.

In conjunction with the Air Show, NSIASA will operate the Canadian Defence Aerospace and Security Exhibition Atlantic - an industry showcase and networking event highlighting business opportunities for the region and creating an economic base for air show operations.

NSIASA will promote, partner with, and produce additional air shows in Atlantic Canada. NSIASA will participate with industry in order to expand the fan base for air shows, widen appreciation of aviation and the military, and positively affect the Association in its core activities.

NSIASA will partner with industry associations for the promotion of air shows, tourism and aerospace industry growth.

Board of Directors

Our volunteer Board of Directors supports the Organizing Team's efforts with guidance and governance of both DEFSEC Atlantic and the Atlantic Canada International Air Show. The current members of the Board are:

Gerry Morey Chair Mark McIntyre Vice-Chair
Jack Backstrom Secretary Tony Goode Past Chair
Jim MacKenzie Treasurer    
Voting Members
Larry Gaudet Member-at-Large Patricia Myatt Member-at-Large
Chris Giddens Member-at-Large Sean Ryan Member-at-Large
Mark James Member-at-Large Dave Skene Member-at-Large
Callum MacPhail Member-at-Large Peter Stoffer Member-at-Large
Paul McCabe Member-at-Large    
Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Members
Colin Stephenson Executive Director LCol Scott Dennis Air Force Advisor
Capt(N) Guillaume Lafrance Navy Advisor Col Warren Smith Army Advisor